Larry Spikes
Telephone Number: 903-407-8269

The FabriMan power tool reduces the time and effort that you need for fencing. It wraps fence clips tightly around metal t-posts to secure barbed (2 pt. and 4 pt.), single line, or twisted wire in a safe, ergonomic, and timely fashion. It can be used for installation or repairs, making your life easier.

This is a tool made in the tradition of the Old West. Rugged as the first ranchers who staked out their territories and defended them against all invaders, its hardy components are made to last. Yet, the FabriMan is light-weight and easily portable over large areas.

Most competing products lack the advancement and technology that FabriMan brings to the fencing industry. Many are small devices that are hard to keep track of and fall easily, getting lost in the grass. They also have a limited life span and become unusable at a certain point. FabriMan can be depended on to work year after year.

The most compelling reasons to own the FabriMan are its efficiency and safety. It will take the sweat out of the job and enable you to accomplish more than you ever dreamed you could complete in one day.

After using the FabriMan tool for the first time, you will be wondering why you didn’t think of inventing it years ago. If time is money, you’re about to have more of both.