Built in Texas
(903) 407-8269
Built in Texas
(903) 407-8269

Fiocchi Field Dynamics Ammunition, 22 LR, CPHP, 38 g, 1,250 FPS (Case of 10 Boxes, 22FHVCHP)


Fiocchi's Field Dynamics .22LR cartridges are perfect for small game hunting and silhouette shooting.

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Caliber: 22 LR
Bullet: CPHP
Weight: 38 grams
FPS: 1,250

Rounds/Box: 500
Boxes/Case: 10

About the Field Dynamics line:
Small game hunting and silhouette shooting are BACK, and Fiocchi helps you get the most out of your field and range adventures with bulk-quantity Field Dynamics .22LR cartridges. Offered in 40- and 38-grain bullet weights, Field Dynamics .22LR is available in copper-plated round nose and copper-plated hollow point for optimal terminal performance on small game and varmints. For a more discrete noise signature, check out our subsonic .22LR hollow point.

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